Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our art inspiration

Good morning (or evening, depending on perspective) everyone! Today's entry will be sort of a strange one, in that it features pretty much no actual wedding images. This, my friends, is our wedding inspiration. That's right-- the theme (of a sort) that Scott and I have finally settled upon. Now, I warn you: this isn't simple or easy to explain. But I'm going to try. What you should keep in mind is that we're looking for mood here, mood and atmosphere, rather than exact elements. So without further ado, here is our wedding inspiration:

 This picture is concept art from the movie "Tangled", which was originally going to be visually based on the painting "The Swing" (which you'll see the original of later). We loved the warmth of this, the richness of the greens and yellows and reds. We also were inspired by her enjoyment of nature, which is something very important to both of us. 

 Yeah...I love everything about this. The flowers in her hair, the blushing cream color of her dress....This palette is what I'm thinking for my own clothing (either this or something more blue, but more on that later).

 We both loved these sunset-y colors, the rich and warm pinks and golds. 

 The colors in this painting have faded, but the natural arbor (Scott pointed out that the trees mimic the shape of a gothic arch, reminiscent of the beauty of a cathedral) and the people just enjoying themselves in nature really spoke to us. Also, that woman is on the most completely insane swing EVER.

 While we liked the softness and dreaminess of this painting, what we REALLY loved was the use of light. This stunning isolation paired with the dreamy quality is something we're looking for in our photographs particularly.

 Please excuse her state of dress! What we loved here especially was that rich, sumptuous blue velvet she's laying on. Scott already has plans for his vest buttons...

 And here we have the original "The Swing" by Fragonard. This beautiful (and a little bit cheeky!) image is so inspiring for us both-- we've had long discussions and internet search marathons around this image, and it was what we thought of when we sat down to discuss wedding inspiration. We love the softness of the colors, but their depth-- that amazing blue, those striking greens, her perfect blush gown. The setting is perfect as well, as it their evident enjoyment of the natural world. 

 This image, perhaps more than any other on the list, really showcases the color scheme we'd like to try to work with. The colors are surprisingly vivid, but the overall impression is soft and harmonious. We're not sure how to achieve this, but we're going to try! 

THIS color blue. Perfection.

Just sort of a woman version of the above. : ) Also, this is a pastel, which gives the whole scene an ethereal, dreamy quality that we love. It also basically means it was done in chalk. I'm really impressed, just saying.

Please don't be offended at the copious nudity! What we loved in this one, besides the (and I'm sure you're already tired of hearing this) dreamy quality, was the color scheme-- natural, warm tones with these bright, unexpected pops of color, and the "nuptial bower" setting. The idea of throwing a blanket over a tree and creating an intimate space was genius and really inspiring for us!

 More Art Nouveau! Color scheme, hippie-tasticness, the incorporation of feathers. 

 I'm sort of having a moment about this dress. Especially the sleeves. 

Perfect color palette, soft but striking. And the amazing scrollwork, as is so typical of art nouveau. Also, flower in hair again (Oh yes, it's happening).

I saved this one for last because it's what we kind of want for our wedding day: our friends and family, out in nature, having an awesome time and enjoying their world. This is our inspiration and our vision, because it's how we feel when we're with each other and we want to express that and share it with all of you. 

I hope this has kind of made some headway into explaining what we're going for right now. Stay tuned as we work on how to translate all of this into actual design elements! <3

Sunday, August 7, 2011

1st Post!

      Welcome to my wedding inspiration blog, everyone! This format will make it so easy to share what inspires me (and for you to share alike!) To begin with a bang, I wanted to share some yellow love. Now, those of you lucky enough to have seen my ring (oh, you haven't? Go here and brace for awesome) will probably understand my interest in incorporating golden elements in the design of our wedding. My engagement gemstone is citrine, a gorgeous smoky gold color. I've recently noticed a volume of yellow tones in weddings that hasn't been seen since the 1970s, which is fantastic for me! Here are some truly beautiful examples:

via (who made that amazing crown!), shot by cameron Ingalls

found via and shot by Yasmin Khajavi

This wedding has just touches of yellow, so effectively used! 

Daisies in a bouquet? Be still my heart. Both images found via 

I loved this beautifully rustic wedding, so prepare for more images!

Even their cake has a beautiful golden touch 

The mix of the shades of green with the pops of yellow is fantastic, IMHO. Also, I love the groom's tie! Images found via again (it's SUCH an amazing site!) and the beautiful photography was done by Katie Day.

And to finish off: 


It's so perfect! And her boots, and the groom's neutral suit with that burst of golden on his boutonniere...I love it all! The dress is by Vera Wang (I felt it was important to mention it, since it's such a focus in the pictures), I found the images via, and the photography was done by Di Bezi.

I hope you all enjoyed this first post of many-- have fantastic Sundays! 

                                                                         - <3 Kelly -

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